Sound & Expression

Modulars going wild...

almost done

Rearanged and freed up some space.... Love the cases ADDAC builds... only thing now would be a simple stand to come with from beginning...

A session on Nord's A1

I love my A1

This is a session exclusivly on 'NordLeads A1'. It turns out pretty ambient but never the less its quite interesting where the jurney leads to. It's a good demo on what the A1 with its arpeggio and 4 timbers on its own is beeing capeale of. Let it run while reading a book or putting your baby to bed....


Back online

It's done... FINALY!!!

After half a decade of being offline, I finally found some time to bring my site back up. Step-by-step I'll be uploading my mixes, old and new, and start to add more content. 
Can't tell u how much of a relieve this is. 

Be happy, do what's right and as always ENJOY !